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Meeting professional traveling the world…without actually traveling it

Gathering and presenting best marketing case-studies proved to be a good pilot fish strategy for professional events company

Meeting professionals are able to carry out a wide range of tasks, starting from target group and content planning to organizing technical arrangements and catering. Such events professionals are very competent and competitive at home market but only few full service events companies are successful worldwide.

Entering new markets is challenging for both in-house and public events organizers. Best Marketing (BM) is a small firm who figured out how to take their key competence around the World. BM started up as a full service conference organizer for marketing professionals. They created content, marketed the events and handled all the technical aspects of an event. Going international was high on the agenda and after few years company entered Baltic Countries, Finland, Ukraine, Croatia and Shanghai markets. As predicted, they faced fierce competition from day one and growing on these markets demanded considerable investment both to personnel and marketing.

Recent recession was hard to event companies and so was it for BM. It soon realized, that few profitable markets that supported all the rest, will be in decline too. Survival at stake, CEO Hando Sinisalu analyzed current business model throughly. What he found out was shocking – although BM pursued to cover all marketing related hot topics, only marketing best-practice they had been gathering as one part of activities, truly mattered to it’s clients.

In recession, where events fast became “not mission critical”, marketing people graved for information and experience from the best. While analyzing personnel he discovered that only few people create a value clients were ready to pay for. With that knowledge Sinisalu cut down the personnel of his company by 80% and concentrated only on gathering and presenting marketing best-practice. He shut down all the branches and went Pilot Fish mode. Instead of being present at handful of markets with big teams and organizing high risk public events on many marketing topics he now organizes Best Marketing events in partnerships with biggest marketing publications at given market. That has enabled him to create a considerable international reach with very low risk level concentrating on what he and his small team knows the best – finding out and presenting the best marketing case-studies in the World.

Each event professional has something he or she is truly great at. While it might be difficult to go international with full service, this unique expertise might be very valuable to some of the major international players with similar target group. Be it a big events company, a media company or other. It also does not matter if you are a independent professional or a company, the Pilot Fish logic works in both  cases.


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